Frequently Asked Questions

Upskill believes in ‘Mentorship’ rather than counseling. For us your application is just the begining of the mentorship process. The aim to build an overall personality of the student and prepare him/her for the college experience.

Upskill offers counseling services in all major countries. USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Middle East and Europe.


YES! Upksill offers counseling services to leading local universities like LUMS, IBA, LSE, Agha Khan and NCA.

YES! This is the where Upskill differs from it’s competitors. Upskill beleives that a successful application starts from the right subject counseling. We will assit you throughout your school / university journey to ensure that your academic profile is strong before you apply.

Upskill offers placements in Foundation, Undergraduation, Post Graduation and MBA.

Upskill has different packages for different regions. Kindly contact us at +92 300 5097999 for more details.


Upskill gives counseling in all major areas of study.

1. Business

2. Engineering

3. Arts

4. Medicine

5. Psycology

6. Economics

7. Language

8. History

9. Politics

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